Our mission is to leave properties sparkling clean by providing clients with personalised service to meet all of their needs. 


With over 16 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, we aim to:

  • Provide our clients with the highest possible quality service delivered in a professional, safe and considerate manner;


  • Continue to invest in the training and future development of our team, equipment and company growth;


  • Maintain consistency and reliability in the provision of our high-quality cleaning services.


By maintaining a strong commitment to excellence and with continual investment in our team, we seek to become a recognised and leading brand name within the cleaning industry nationwide.

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Our Clients

...there's no such thing as SPARKLING too much...

We are always looking for new ways to save our customers time, money and effort. For example, being available for them whenever and wherever they want us to be, so their property is left cleaned to a sparkling finish! We are fully committed to selling quality services at competitive prices which is fair to our customers and suppliers alike.

Our Team

...leave a little SPARKLE wherever you go...

Sparkling is a team of diverse Housekeepers brought together by our shared passion of cleaning. We help and encourage each other to achieve our goals, while always keeping our customer’s and company’s best interests in mind.

Our Certificates


...does it SPARK joy?...

Sparkling has a unique training program that incorporates processes exclusively for residential, offices and hotels. Each training process focuses on developing the relevant skills required and also provides career development training. Examples of the various areas covered include Health & Safety, Use of Chemicals, Use of Equipment, Hotel Standards, Fire Protocol, work-life balance, team leadership and management.

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