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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Simple cleaning and maintenance of the filter can solve or prevent many minor washing machine faults. A clogged filter can cause your washing machine to:

  • Vibrate and make loud noises.

  • Take longer to complete a cycle.

  • Stop randomly during a cycle.

  • Make your laundry come out too wet.

It is essential that you regularly clean this filter, as it will collect everything from lint to hair, coins, tissues and more. To clean the filter, simply open the hatch and rid the filter of everything that might be sticking to it.

Follow the step by step guide below to clean your washing machine filter and remove any foreign objects:

  • First turn the appliance off and disconnect the power, then turn the water supply off.

  • Lay a towel on the floor and place a tray on top for the residual water to be drained. Unclip the pump cover to find the black drain hose. Remember that sometimes filters can be so blocked that they might have a water log behind them, so prepare with old kitchen towels and a bowl to collect any extra water there may be.

  • Pull the cap off the drain hose over the bowl and allow the water to drain into the tray. You may need to do this multiple times.

  • Once you have drained all the water, make sure you have replaced the cap on drain hose and put back into position.

  • Unscrew the filter cap anti-clockwise and slide it out. Water will come out onto the towel you have laid down. You may find obstructions in the filter such as coins, buttons, or a build-up of lint. These should be removed then thoroughly clean the filter.

  • Before replacing the filter check the inside of the machine for any loose lint. If there is lint in the drum of the washer use a paper towel to remove it or scrub it with a wet sponge.

  • Once you are certain your filter is free from all residue, go ahead and put it back in the machine. If you removed the drainage hose, make sure to put it back before securing the cover.

  • Run a small cycle with your empty washer to tests for leaks. If your washer is leaking, the filter is not on correctly.

  • Washing machine filters should be cleaned every 3-4 months.

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