Cleaning Tips | 3 organisational tips to help you save money

How many times did you have to throw away food because of their expiration date? Or did you buy cleaning products and when back at home realise you already had it all there?

To help you to avoid these situations, we are sharing 3 organisational tips that will help to save money and time!

Tip 01

When coming from the supermarket, right before putting all the new food in the kitchen cabinets, first take off the ones you already have there and organise the cans, bags and boxes according to their expiration date, starting with the soonest ones.

Tip 02

Try to keep your cleaning products in the same place, such as a cabinet or box. Also, it is good to organise them in a certain order (it can be the utility of each, the frequency of use, etc.). It will help you to avoid buying items you already have.

Tip 03

Use technology to help you. These days, it is common to have a programmable washing machine, for example, that you can adjust to wash your clothes while you are away, so when you get home you will only need to hang out it to dry.

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