Cleaning Tips | 7 places that you keep forgetting to clean

If you clean your house in a hurry, you are more likely to forget some places we think are fine, but the truth is that, at least sometimes, they need your attention.

To help you not forget it, we made a list of 7 places you must keep in mind during your cleaning:

1. Bed

Just changing the linens is not enough to keep your bed clean and tidy. From time to time, it is good for you to rotate your mattress to make it airy a bit, and also clean the corners that you usually don’t see, but are there keeping dust. Also, the pillow and mattress protectors also need to be washed or changed, if too old.

2. Sofa

If you enjoy popcorn while watching a movie, you are likely to find it sometimes at covered parts of your sofa. It is recommended to remove the cushions/seats and hoover it, including the bottom and corners of your sofa, mostly when it is kept against a wall.

3. Drains

Not only when they are clogged up, but from time to time it is good to take a look at your drains and use appropriate products to clean them, especially when feeling some strange smell or the water is not draining properly.

4. Fridge

The place that keeps your food conserved also needs attention. It is recommended to remove everything and use a cloth and a cleaning product with no strong smell, to make your fridge spotless.

5. Mailbox

Even being a small space, it needs cleaning sometimes, as the wind can bring dust to the inside.

6. Top of wardrobe

Sometimes it can be difficult to clean, as they can be very high, but using a mop or an appropriate brush, you can clean the dust that accumulates on it.

7. Ceiling

Mostly on the corners and around lamps, it is not rare to find some spider webs. That is why it is very important to clean your ceiling. It can be easily done by using just a clean broom.

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