Cleaning Tips | How to deal with humidity spots?

It is good to always have an extra eye on the spaces at your home or workplace to check for humidity spots.

If you notice it in the beginning, it is likely to be easy to avoid their evolution to mould.

To help you with that, we have listed some essential tips:

Tip 01

First thing is to check where the humidity comes from. It can be a leak, the cold weather or simply the lack of ventilation in that space. After identifying it, you can take the proper action.

Tip 02

You can clean the small spots using a brush and bleach. Take extra care if the wall is coloured, as you may need to paint it again, depending on the type and size of the problem. Start by gently pouring the bleach and keeping the space airy.

Tip 03

Use anti-humidity products and equipment in spaces you can’t keep airy, such as a bathroom.

Tip 04

If you notice big and green spots, it can indicate an old and big problem. Contact a handyman to best evaluate it then.

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